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Sunday, 1 January 2012

The Future (2011) LiMiTED 350MB Mediafire

July and Hamish Linklater play Sophie and Jason, a couple of low-key urban hipsters who live
in Los Angeles. They are educated and smart, but intensely aware that in their mid-30s, they are
still in jobs that do not satisfy them. She teaches dance to toddlers, and he works from home, giving
tech support to computer users: a dedicated landline rings in their shared apartment, and he takes the
call with a special headset. They have impulsively decided to "adopt" a cat from a nearby animal hospital,
a cat with an injured paw that is not ready to be released from medical care for another month – a period
of grace that allows the couple to reflect on the implications of their commitment. They will have to look
after the animal, to stay home a lot, for about five years, at which time they will be around 40 and their lives
will be over. Quietly, but distinctly, they start to panic about what it all means. This shiver of existential anxiety causes the pair to ricochet off in various directions: Jason becomes a desultory environmental campaigner
and forms an unlikely friendship with an old man; Sophie finds a phone number written on the back of the sentimental drawing the couple bought at the animal centre, and a dangerous liaison follows from that.




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