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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Why This Kolaveri Di Different Versions Mp3 Songs Download Listen Online

||Why This Kolaveri Di Different Versions||

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Kolaveri Meaning: “The Tamil word Kolaveri Di’s literal translation is Murderous Rage or Killer Rage via wiki.. But the sense of the song is not that.
The song is sung by a character who is dumped by a girl and now is drunk. Then he(Dhanush) sings the song Why this Kolaveri di which means “Why did you do this to me” or “Why you dumped me”. or simply refers to Cheating..

Popularity: Why this kolaveri di….I heard this songs 2 weeks ago and found it great. and different.. but never thought that this song would have crossed all limits of popularity and would turn out globally. Also kolaveri di is the most searched video last couple of weeks and it has more than 20,341,650 views till now and 167,212 likes. and increasing every minute. The song is just 3 week old and its popularity has increased so much that after a week there came “The female version of it” , then came the Kid version that is sung by India’s famous singer Sonu Nigam’s son Neewan that is very cute version of it. The popularity of song is also witnessed by other versions of it that are Punjabi version of it and also today I heard the English R&B version of it.Beside this there are lot of other versions of this songs. I guess the main credit for the huge popularity of this song goes to facebook.Lots of people in my Fb account shared this video. only at the day of its release.

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01. Original By Dhanush – Kolaveri Di02. Female Version – Kolaveri Di
03. Kid Version – Kolaveri Di
04. English R&B Version – Kolaveri Di
05. Punjabi Pinky Moge Wali – Kolaveri Di
06. Punjabi Blackberry – Kolaveri Di

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